Crystal Light Healing Courses

Crystal Light Healing takes you on a journey to attune, comprehend and integrate the knowing of our crystalline being.  This is a deep and expansive journey, taking you into the Earth and out into the cosmos.  The crystals will continue to light your way as you embark upon your inner wanderings to expand into more of your true essence.

Crystals have been used for healing, storage of information, meditation, channelling, communication, energy and light sources throughout our Earth history.  CLH  connects you back into the healing knowledge of Lemuria, Atlantis and Egypt. I am finding as we journey past the 21-12-12 gateway people are picking up the resonance or vibrations of the crystals to a much greater degree, making these beautiful beings even more important and useful in our lives.

CLH is a recognized healing modality, so as you attune and expand your knowledge, you are integrating a way of working to bring healing and balance for others.   We are gradually reclaiming this knowing as we become worthy of holding this knowledge.


2018 is my 10th year of teaching the CLH courses and it has been beautiful to watch those I’ve kept in contact with embrace this crystalline energy in their lives.  The crystals push us to evolve and lighten, to let go of the drama and negative nitty-gritty which we can get tied up in.  They open a vista of light and  magic in all around us, helping us to sail through the challenges which for each one of us, will come as part of being human.


If you want more in-depth information please call me on (Susan Joy Coombes Mobile)   040 9787 213

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Crystal Light Healing Certified Teacher

Crystal Light Healing Level I

Victoria – Saturday & Sunday  –  21 & 22 April  – Mt Martha on the Mornington Peninsula, Victoria

Sunshine Coast – Saturday & Sunday – Dates to be advised

A weekend of immersing yourself in the crystalline energies learning how to choose, care for, handle and recognise the characteristics, lightening and balancing properties of 25 of our major quartz crystals and 22 of the coloured crystals.

I work with meditations to assist you in attuning and experiencing the energies of the crystals, a powerful way to get to know these light bringers.  We work with lasers and pendulums, grids and crystal essence making, giving a well rounded look at bringing crystals into your daily life.

There is a far greater multi-dimensional awareness which comes alive as you explore the Crystal Light Healing course.  An expansion of your consciousness as you see the bigger picture of the Universe we live in and the part of the crystalline world in this cosmos.

As you attune to the crystals the Ancient Wisdoms encoded into the crystals, the Akashic records stored within them, holding the history and knowledge of all this planet has lived through, begin to be read and known.

Over the weekend the meditations guide you into this communication inviting the crystalline world to show where we need to transmute the old, so we lighten, awakening to our crystalline nature   We close with creating a crystal essence together within a crystal grid in the ancient temple traditions of Lemuria and Atlantis.

We  will cover:

  • Connecting with Crystals and their role in Creation
  • Overview of Crystalline Energy, the Grand Cycle of Creation and awakening of humanity toward & beyond 2012
  • Discovering the applications and identifying 22 Major Healing Crystals
  • Understanding the energetics of Crystal formations
  • Attuning, Programming and Activating Crystals
  • Accessing Crystalline Wisdoms for healing self & others
  • Communing with Crystal Devas & Master Crystal Energies
  • Gridding for healing, meditation and crystal activation
  • Sacred Crystal Ceremony – making of a crystal essence

This is the first level of the three level practitioner course, though you may choose to do this level only for your own self-interest.

Course cost is $444 and $100 deposit will hold your place.  I take a small group through this crystal retreat weekend.


Crystal Light Healing Certified Teacher

Crystal Light Healing Level II Dates to be advised

Victoria -26 & 27 May 2018 – Mt Martha

Sunshine Coast – –  Sunrise Beach just out of Noosa – Dates to be advised

CLH II takes a journey into the hands on healing aspect of working with crystals and we activate the Octahedron Crystal Matrix Light Body using crystal layouts.  Learn how to access the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual subtle bodies.

We practice distance work with crystal grids, following the ways in which the crystals were used in the ancient healing work of Lemuria, Egypt and Atlantis.

As we work through these ancient healing ways, we receive this rebalancing ourselves and so are part of lightening and awakening to more of our potential.  A nurturing and healing weekend, which is regenerative to be part of and teaches much for use in our lives.

The distance work we do, can be used to give yourself a treatment so that you can keep yourself light in the face of daily life.  You will enrich your life with the powerful tools accessed as you integrate the teachings of the Crystal Light Healing weekends.

We will cover:

  • Theory and practice of hands on Crystal Light Healing
  • Understanding our Octahedron Crystalline Matrix Light Body
  • Using Crystals to access the Subtle Bodies for Healing
  • Advanced healing layouts and gridding
  • Beginners and advanced Chakra-energy point balancing
  • Opening Higher Energy Centres to awaken our gifts
  • Crystalline distance healing and essence preparation
  • Sacred Crystal Healing Ceremony – Goddess

Course cost is $444 and $100 deposit will hold your place.  I take a small group through this crystal retreat weekend.


Crystal Light Healing Certified Teacher

Crystal Light Healing Level III

Victoria – 25 & 26 June 2018 – Mt Martha

Sunshine Coast – Saturday & Sunday –  Dates to be advised

Crystal Light Healing Level III brings in Sacred Geometry, Sound and Colour and explores the correlation of these beautiful tools in crystal healing.  We work with crystalline Platonic Solids, the five sacred geometries, which bring in the elements, Earth, Air, Fire and Water along with Ether.  These platonic solids are a healing system within themselves.

Sound in the form of voice, I have found to be profound in healing and can shift and move blocks in a person’s energy field very quickly.    We will be working with sounds for each of the chakras and I also work with crystal and Tibetan bowls, so will explore voice and bowls in this weekend.

These tools are all woven together to activate 64 DNA Light Codes, which opens us to the new energies and knowledge bathing the planet, awakening you to more of who you are. This is a powerful way of understanding and working with several elements in healing

We will cover:

  • Understanding Crystalline Sacred Geometry
  • Utilising Sound, Colour & Sacred Symbols for healing
  • DNA Activation – Activating our 64 DNA Light Codes
  • Crystal Essences for DNA activation and attunement
  • Advanced healing techniques from Lemuria and Atlantis
  • Accessing Lemurian Healing Temples
  • Sacred Crystal Healing Ceremony – Inter-Dimensional Travel.

Course cost is $444 and $100 deposit will hold your place.  I take a small group through this crystal retreat weekend.