A Journey in-flow

I have a fascination with learning how to live well and I take on challenges and observe how I do these to learn great ways of manifesting living well and joyful lives.  I’m in the middle of another of these big journeys.

I am living in spring in Melbourne one of my favourite times of year here.  The mornings are  fresh, especially after coming from Noosa where this time of the day I would have been up with the birds, been down the beach for a swim and had my coffee.

In this journey of wisdom and reflection, sometimes it is necessary to have the satisfaction of being able to feel that our pains are relieved at times. That is why in UK Meds you will find all the medicines that will allow you to connect with yourself since you will feel back to your younger years.

What a huge journey I have travelled in the last 2 months.  I wonder if you have found yourself in the middle of such a life journey, found the stamina within you to keep the movement and action going but had little space to contemplate what your next move is.

This has been the first time I can remember I have done this without having a plan of exactly how it would work, where we were going, where we would live, and having lots of thinking time in sorting all the details.  Control I think you would call that.  This journey I have allowed to unfold day by day and ridden the waves of what is necessary in each step.  I have had to trust my knowing that it would all be OK and the beauty of all of this journey is there has been NO FEAR.  I have never lived without fear touching me, gripping me at times and making me want to curl into a ball and disengage from what I am in.

While today at our age we try to live in minimalist ways, remembering something that happened to us recently, I was surprised at how well testoprime worked for Garry. While we are not fans of “chemical” products this one was quietly an exception because of the all-natural products they had, and it certainly helped my Garry get back to his normal testosterone levels in a very short time.

I remember now as I write, this is how it was when Garry and I were young and travelling with our backpacks.  I do know how to do this but now I have so much stuff, a house, many treasured crystals, a gorgeous cat, and all of it has to be sorted.  Every piece of stuff we have gathered and enjoyed has taken energy to make a decision on where it goes

Our journey has come because we have moved back to Melbourne to support our daughter in her becoming a single Mum, with joint custody of our grandson.  We could have stayed in Noosa with our idyllic lifestyle, beach swims in the morning, my beloved orange Vespa, but this feels the right place to be on a heart and soul level.

The most beautiful aspect of this journey has been the fearless aspect and the way we have been supported in every step of the way.  That hasn’t meant it hasn’t been pure huge hard work, little income for over a month, huge cost to get here, tears at times with the sheer exhaustion.

Garry’s car blowing a head gasket on the drive down and as I travelled behind him and watched him get slower and slower and finally pull into the side of a narrow busy highway with traffic whipping past close by,  the old fear rose in my gut and grew to a powerful and gripping discomfort which I have known well.  I felt it, played with it and decided it wasn’t going to be part of this journey, it moved, dissolved and I was free to go into action and count the blessings of us being 50ks from a friend’s property in Bangalow.

Our friend towed our camper to his property, travelled with Garry as his car was towed and we all stayed with him and his wife on their beautiful land where every tree and plant has been caressed with his love and the energy powerful and replenishing just what we all needed, me Dianne our wonderful helper and adventure companion, Garry and Ishka our cat.

Powerful energy trees on Possum Creek Road in Bangalow

Sunset on the road

Then there is the aspect of where are we going to live once we get here, no time to prearrange.  A friend overseas and his home empty a haven for us to ground and begin the next phase of our journey.  Garry starting a new job and me doing what I had planned.   Blessings as our friends who are away overseas offered us their home till they come back.

Beautiful property in Mt Eliza we are staying in

Next a house and once again my gorgeous friend Jan Winslade connected us with people who wanted to rent their home in Mt Martha, a beautiful little beach cottage.  We move in on Monday and are both excited to have this lovely place to call home for a time.  We do have to move out over January so if you know of anywhere we can live for a month, I’d love to hear.

Years ago when our kids were little,  Garry’s business had died after a big financial crash,  financially we were in trouble and emotionally low.  Every day I’d wake and begin to worry about how to pay the bills and these thoughts would follow me through the day and into bed at night.  One day as I showered and those thoughts came up again, I had the realisation that all this worry thought energy was useless, I still found a way to pay the bills and I was making myself sick with worry.

It still has been a journey to get to this place of freedom and as one of my friends reminded me years ago “you’re not a Saint yet Coombsey” I know there is a possibility fear may creep up on me somewhere, though I plan to move that fast.  This freedom is just beautiful and I find myself being present fully which I know I often haven’t been.  Another step in living mindfully present with integrity, I love me for being here.

I’ve worked with all of the energy support systems I live and teach and the funny thing is when you are so in the stream of doing and being so physical in getting things packed and moved physically  you can go out of balance.  Because you are pushed it is not as easy to do the things which would hold that balance.  One of the most powerful things for me is to do voice sounding in the shower, this brings light and movement into every cell of my body and puts me in a good space for the day.  I teach this in Level II Reiki though you may find your own sounding to boost your energy.

I still got tired through this process because there was no time off in this whole period and the days were often 14-16 hours just to get it done.  Amazing to clear your whole house down to bare bones, because there is nowhere to move it to and nowhere to leave it, a new start.

Many of us are looking for ways to love our lives, to be free of the pressure and feeling of being time poor.  This way of living is powerful and it works as long as you can keep the negative thoughts cancelled and deleted, choose good thoughts instead and trust that there is movement.  To remember this saying helps me – “There is a solution for every problem”, that solution will show even if it is at the last moment.  This is living fully, with light and love.  It may not be peaceful as you start this journey but allowing yourself to go free in this brings many gifts.

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Ready for the new

I am taking time to replenish my energy after so much physical work and as I do this I have been quiet in social media as I contemplate the many blessings of this journey and get ready for the next beautiful phase of being here in Melbourne.  I’ll take my time out back in Noosa seeing clients and teaching there.  My orange Vespa is locked up in my carport ready for my visits and the house is now available for Air BNB people to enjoy  you can view it here    View On AirbnbSerendipity @ Sunrise 3brm beachouse PET FRIENDLY” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>Air BNB – Sunrise Beach

Serendipity @ Sunrise our Air BNB home – the back garden
Courtyard off the master bedroom
Noosaa Main Beach