Who am I now?

Do you have the sense that the core of yourself has changed and life doesn’t quite fit anymore?  A bit like your most favourite loved outfit which you’ve felt great in for many special occasions.  You pull it out of the wardrobe, it doesn’t excite you, try it on, it no longer fits like it used to and doesn’t represent who you are now, this all happened without you being totally aware until you tried on that outfit and looked in the mirror seeing someone different now.

So it’s time to go find that new exciting set of life circumstances which fit you now.  Scary but that’s the adventure of living fully, creating a life you love free of the chains which hold you down.

I feel this year (2018) has been a series of consciousness expanding tune-ups, one after another, with little time between to integrate and see how that works in your life and how they change your values and desires.  Time wise this began 1 January and continued until end of March, making it difficult to keep track of time.  Now we have that space to slow down and see what this means.

We may find some of our relationships don’t work anymore, the joy the shared visions, dreams and desires don’t match anymore.  The work we loved no longer has the same ability to fire our enthusiasm and get us going in the morning.  The course of study and learning we’d chosen for ourselves no longer excites us and fires our drive for moving forward.

The place we live in no longer gives that sense of sanctuary and home.  We know we want something more.  There may be one or more areas we no longer fit into with ease and enjoyment.  Our soul knows they’re not right and yet logically we know these were perfect before, so a little war may ensue as we try and be alright with what we had planned for ourselves.

Then there is the next step, our Soul self won’t allow us peace so re-evaluation comes, there must be change, those areas of discomfort have to be faced fully and reworked, the old released.  An old adage says “as we close one door another door opens”. This I have always found is true and exciting, though scary as well as we step into the unknown.

As we give permission for change magical things can happen, we  may receive lightbulb moments which show us something we’ve not been able to see before or we open the door to the Akashic records, that place where the stories of what we had to see, work through and evolve become clear and with that knowledge, blocks cleared.  Freedom to go forward in peace and a sense of joy, can come for you.

Much as this all seems so hard, we need these times of realisation and change if we are going to evolve into Human Beings who are centred in love, trust, joy and connection rather than fears, resistance and anger.  This journey has been named as Ascension – Shift in Consciousness and is happening all around the world and for each human in differing degrees.

The effects of this Ascension are many and can include:-

Physical imbalance leading to a myriad of symptoms:-

  • Headaches
  • Pain
  • muscle tightness
  • skin disorders – eczema & psoriasis
  • Heart palpations
  • Blood pressure too low or too high
  • digestive upsets

Emotional Disturbances – emotions are energy in motion – showing energy needing rebalance

  • Anger
  • Sadness
  • Fear
  • Worry


  • Grief
  • Despondent
  • Aimless
  • Can’t access happy and joyful thoughts.


  • A need to open and explore more in this field.  Meditation, quietness, find still space to explore this realm within your world.

All of this process is stimulating us to change rapidly and this is not only for ourselves but others around us too, so the stability and centre we used to know is moving, all in accord with our higher divine plan.  Exciting but also takes a lot of work and supportive measures to balance and feel comfortable.

Find the people and quiet space which will support you.  Energy work such as Reiki, crystals, intuitive massage, yoga, Tai Chi are all supportive.  Addressing nutritional needs is important, our nervous system and adrenals are challenged through this time.  Magnesium in a form we can assimilate is very important as are calming, and grounding healthy foods, herbs which support nervous system and adrenals, some of which are Oats, Valerian, Passion Flower, Withania (Indian Ginseng), Bacopa, Rhodiola, St John’s Wort for the Winter blues.  You may need a naturopath to advise you on the best prescription here.  Flower and crystal essences assist us to stay balanced emotionally.

Most of all love and nurture yourself through this time.  It is challenging and bigger than past life situations in many cases and  yet when we hold our centre we will move through it and find the blessings and growth we’ve earned.

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