Consultations and Mentoring

I am a Wellbeing Coach, and work Intuitively with Energy to achieve physical body health and healing and soul rebalancing. Over the course of my 25 year career I has worked with hundreds of people from all different walks of life to bring wellness and balance into their lives. I use a range of therapies tailored to suit the individuals needs and desires through your visit including Naturopathy, Crystal Healing, Sound Bathing, Massage and Herbal remedies.

In todays world we are constantly facing new challenges that test our resolve and the stress which comes with those challenges often creates physical illness. This blockage is where my life work shines.

One on One Sessions

This can be done in person or by distance, phone, Zoom webinar, or Skype call.

Personal sessions begin with finding clarity for your session,  testing to find hidden aspects.   Once we have this clarity, we will discuss the options for you in this session.  

Over many sessions I have found an energy hands on treatment using a combination of modalities including Reiki, sound, crystals, vibrational energy sprays and oils to create immediate rebalance and connection to your true essence. These modalities are woven together creating a space of expansion, connection to your deepest self and healing of the areas which have come to light. This hands on session can be done just as effectively by distance.

This distance connection can be explained in quantum physics.  

If you are in need of physical support I may suggest a herbal mix  and other physical support in foods or naturopathic remedies for you, to continue your ongoing rebalance. 

This is in addition to the session cost and is part of the naturopathy aspect of my work.  If you are doing your session by distance, I can arrange postage of the remedies for you, though this is only available in Australia.

With our access to technology it is now easy to do consults via Zoom webinar, Skype or phone and these include an energy rebalance.  This is an option to bring in when you are travelling or have begun seeing me in another city, making it easy to do continued life support so that you can achieve your potentials.

Consultation options

Initial – 2 hours – $190

Continuing sessions – 90 mins  $145

                                               60 mins  $100

                                                Energy rebalance 30 mins $60

Talk to me for concession rates which will be based on individual circumstances.

progrmas for success

6 month program with initial 3 hour consult and monthly 90 min sessions – 4 tailored 20 min mediations.  This can be done face to face or by webinar or phone.       $1200

12 month program with initial 3 hour consult and monthly 90 min sessions – 6 tailored 20 min meditations.  This can be done face to face or by webinar or phone  $1900


Mentoring & Treatment

One of the sessions I offer is for those who work in the healing fields, whether in the complementary therapies, social work or medical areas.  This is a time to replenish and nurture yourself.  We start the session before your hands on treatment to talk and ask questions.  I can often identify tools which will assist you in your work.

The hands on sessions allows you to clear any heaviness you may have been feeling and expand your energy so you can go back to the work you love refreshed and strong.

I allow 2 hours for these sessions and cost is $150 –  this for me is in service to those who are doing beautiful work to support others.

This can be done one-on-one, distance treatment with phone contact before and after treatment or by skype video call.