Crystal Courses

I have a gift for crystal connection and communication, this has grown richer over 3 decades of working with the crystalline realm and teaching others how to connect, communicate and work with them to bring light and move energies personally and in their environments and home.

I work with these crystals in my energy sessions, I have land grids to anchor in celestial and cosmic energies to clear and lighten up the land and I work with them to lighten my home and move my own challenges.

I teach crystal courses and one of the big teachings I do is Crystal Light Healing® which is a registered modality and has 3 levels each 2 days.  This is very in-depth teaching suited for those who want to work with crystals in practitioner settings, though also powerful to bring a greater depth of knowledge and wisdom into your life.  Details below.


Saturday 18 May – Healing with crystals
Investment $180 | 1 – 5pm at Crib Point

An afternoon course teaching how to program and work with table layouts and clearing work with crystal points and lasers.  We will begin with checking to see what you know and expanding on that knowledge, practising and feeling the effects of this healing work.  We will create a crystal grid to work within so that you heighten the energy for your client on the table.  For those who are working as therapists, this can expand your knowledge and tools.

I will provide afternoon snack and notes

I also sell crystals and have a beautiful selection of Lemurian crystals which many people have fallen in love with as they come into the presence of the energy field of these crystals.

Crystal Light Healing Courses

Level I – This is the beginning of depending your connection and understanding of the Crystalline Realm.  Connection and communication, how to choose, care for and feel the energies of the different quartz healing formations, along with over 20 of the coloured healing stones.  

We work with grids for personal use, sleeping, healing rooms, home and land.  We finish the course with a ceremony working with the ancient wisdoms of Lemuiria and create a crystal essence.

Level II – this is where we work with crystal healing grids and laying stones on the body, work with the healing sequences and different levels of the auric field.  We move onto distance healing work with the crystals.

This is a deeply personal healing journey as you practice and receive this hands on work, releasing your own blocks and density to become lighter. This crystal work can be blended in with other healing modalities to amplify their effects and blends beautifully with Reiki.

Level III – We explore sacred geometry and the healing uses of the platonic solids in crystal formation, these bring the 5 healing elements of earth, air, fire, water and ether and are a healing system withing themselves.  Sacred geometry is the basis of all life and it is an amazing world of discovery to understand this on a deeper level.

We weave all we learn here together, to create 64 DNA light code activations, bringing yourself and those you work with to the highest light level possible at that time and bringing yourself and those you work with to the highest light level possible at that time and switching on more of the potential for light and consciousness expansion.

Each of these levels costs $495 each or the 3 levels paid for together $1295.

I run this course on demand and at this stage have not scheduled dates for 2024.  I have many more details of each level which I can send to you on enquiry.

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