Crystal Light Healing Treatments

I have been described as ‘The Holder of Stones’ by an intuitive priest. On reflection, this I know is a truth within my being. I have an affinity with this beautiful world and have opened that bridge for many people, helping them feel and experience the support of the crystalline world. We are all ascending into lighter states and the crystals are catalysts in helping us move to a lighter state quickly.

We are crystalline in our physical make-up from our blood cells, bone matrix to the water and minerals needed for our physical living. Not only are the seen and known cells within our bodies crystalline in nature, but our energy bodies are also crystalline and when activated emit a beautiful glow.

Many crystals are being brought to the Earth’s surface and finding their way into healing environments. They have the ability to affect our vibratory rate and assist us to better health. Each of our organs has a different vibration, as does our emotional body, our mental body and our spiritual body. Each type of crystal has a different vibration and can assist us to come into optimum balance if we allow this connection.

I am fascinated by the stories and my own experience of this beautiful crystalline world. I have seen crystals change as they meet someone they attune with, quite magical and logically difficult to believe, but just takes your breath away.

Energy Healing Sessions

We all want to feel good, flow through life challenges, have lots of vital life force and energy, manifest our dreams, have the courage to live the dreams we’ve imagined. Sometimes through life events we can’t even imagine anything amazing for ourselves and need a light to show the pathway forward, adventures which excite you to live. These are all the areas I can help you with. Energy work helps you find that deep inner connection where your wisdom resides and ignite the spark of light within.

This helps you see, sense, feel and find your new pathway free of the limitations which held you chained or stuck. The gifts this brings is a joyful and healthy way to live life, a wise way to surf life challenges and an understanding of the lessons you’ve learnt.

Some of the areas I am adept in

  • Greif
  • Anxiety
  • Confidence
  • Chronic Fatique
  • Menopause
  • Career Change
  • End of LIfe
  • Energy reset
  • Insomnia

I have treatment spaces at The Natural Health and Wellness Clinc in Somerville, and in Crib Point on the Mornington Peninsula, I also do on-line work which is very effective . Bookings for the The Natural Health and Wellness Clinic

Other bookings for on-line and Crib Point message on 0409787213