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Retreats – Meditations – course dates 2019

I have just moved to the Sunshine Coast  and will be organising regular sound meditations once I have my feet anchored.  contact me for details or if you know of a venue for these mediations.

Reiki – Level I

Sunrise Beach – Queensland 12 & 13 October 2019

  • The beginning of working with energy to rebalance and support yourself through life.  Hands on healing, Reiki precepts, meditation creating a daily support system to expand your consciousness and help you see life from a higher spiritual perspective.

Reiki – Level II 

Sunrise Beach – Queensland  – 16 & 17 November 2019

Lotus flower – a symbol of awakening the crown chakra
  • Run over 2 days – this course includes attunement to 3 Reiki symbols and learning their powerful sounding the mantra or Jumon of the symbols.  Practice of using these symbols in healing and in everyday life.  Practice of distance healing.

Reiki  Course Information

Crystal Light Healing Level II   contact me for dates

Hands on healing with crystals within a crystal grid and using crystals in layouts.  Activation on the Octahedron crystal grid.

Crystal Light Healing – Level III Contact me for dates in Melbourne or Sunshine Coast

Sacred Geometry, Colour, Sound & DNA activation, melding these all together in hands on healing using crystals.

Crystal Light Healing Course Information

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