Inner Journey Tips

As you are inspired to explore the more Spiritual aspects of yourself we often find there are effects of the healing or clearing we are doing on our four bodies. We think of ourselves as having only one physical body. We each are aware of this body, but we also have an emotional, mental and spiritual body. As these bodies clear, open and come into alignment, there is a Purification or Cleanse Process. This will only happen, as you are ready and able to work through them but can be uncomfortable at times. Here is a guide to some of the effects possible and how to manage this.

Physical effects

These could include a physical reaction where flu-like symptoms can be felt. These could include achy muscles, fever headache, sore throat, excess mucous, runny nose, coughing, constipation, diarrhea etc. As toxins are being released, odors in urine and faeces may change. Pains or pressures may occur throughout the body, tingling, nausea, or spinning sensations may also be felt in the chakras as they open, cleanse and balance. This is usually a very quick process and is important for you not to go into fear that you are getting sick, it is these thoughts which can hold this energy pattern and create a longer illness.

To lessen physical effects if you have crystals go and ask which ones will help you and take quiet time meditating and resting. If you have Reiki, spend time with your hands over symptomatic areas and also practice the position of one hand over the third eye and the other hand over the navel. This position helps the body to clear toxins. Ask the Reiki energy to help you in this – in other words be conscious of the process

Take long walks in peaceful surrounds, mild exercise or yoga. Breathe fresh clean air into the lungs and drink lots of herb teas or clean water. Eat light or nourishing meals with fresh fruits, vegetables and juices.

Emotional Effects

As purification of the emotional body occurs, deeply held emotions may surface – anger, frustration, grief, fear and others. They have been suppressed from earlier times. Don’t allow yourself to become emotionally affected by what you are experiencing, just let them surface and let them go.

With your hands one on the forehead, one on the navel; breath in and visualize white light coming through your crown chakra, circling throughout your body and collecting all of the emotional remains; then breathe out forcefully, making a “Bah” sound, while visualizing the emotions blowing our from your solar plexus chakra. Do this until you feel calm.

It is soothing to bathe with Epsom salts or half a kilo each, of sea salt and baking soda. Have a good soak, this is relaxing and will help clear and cleanse the emotional body.

Mental effects

Mental purification may bring up old behavior patterns or habits. Addictive desires for food, beverages, nicotine, caffeine, alcohol etc. may increase or resurface. Thoughts of judgment, blame, victimization, abuse, self-pity etc. may come to the surface. These areas are being healed on every level of your being. Be gentle with yourself, don’t let them take hold. Just acknowledge them and let them go, then change your thoughts with your will to more positive thoughts.

Nurture yourself, be kind and do things, which make you feel good, as you would a friend, or child who was experiencing this. Repeating positive affirmations and mantras or listening to your favorite music, ease the intensity of these negative thoughts.

Spiritual Effects

Spiritual – your beliefs may be shaken and challenged; beliefs in how the world operates, how relationships should be, religion and the important things in your life.

As this happens insights and new understanding will become clear. These will be building block to creating new ways to be.

To lessen the effects – talk to like-minded people, read uplifting spiritual books, treat yourself gently. This may be a very challenging time as your beliefs are shaken, you may feel very lonely and shaky emotionally.

Understand this will pass and that it is not unusual. Be at peace with yourself, continue working with crystals or Reiki if you have these, otherwise listening to meditations is helpful. Your vibrations are changing and you are moving closer to the divine or Universal Spirit. As you do this you will become healthier, more vibrant and centered within your spirituality.

Most of all as you travel this road, be kind to yourself, do not judge, allow and celebrate the shifts and changes you are creating in your life.

If you have had a treatment or done a course with me, you are welcome to contact me and ask advice in this area. Due to the high number of queries I receive I cannot answer all of them and must choose those I have worked with before. Perhaps one day I will have an assistant who will help me answer all the questions which come my way.