Meditation – Wellness Retreat – Sunrise Beach

Saturday 2nd April – 10am to 4.30pm

Serendipity @ Sunrise

Serendipity @ Sunrise

A day to nurture and create space of connection with inner stillness – finding true self and bringing that aspect of being to the forefront.

Meditation is a profound way to experience connection to all around you and find your expansive inner world.  I will discuss the benefits of regular mediation, along with tips for incorporation into daily routine.

Crystals can amplify the meditation experience and assist us to release worries and heavy emotions, bringing in a lightness of being.  I have worked with crystals in rebalancing myself and others for over 20 years.

I will lead you through different mediations to take you deeper and deeper into inner stillness.  If weather permits we will do a silent walk through national park at the back of Sunrise Beach.  The day will complete with a sound meditation where I will work with crystal and Tibetan bowls and voice sounding and Reiki to create a space to let go and expand into a deeper meditation state in a safe environment.

I am running this meditation day from my home in Sunrise Beach.  Healthy morning and afternoon teas provided.  Bring yoga mat, strong walking boots or shoes and your lunch.  Cost $150 and $50 deposit required.  Bookings essential.  Call or text on   0 4 0 9 7 8 7 2 1 3 or email me at





Here you will find a selection of meditations and voice work recordings, some relate to Reiki and others for general use.  Each one is described.


New Moon 19 April 2015 – Meditation Gift