Ode to Utopia

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Utopia Retreat has run in 2008 – 2009 and 2011 on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland.  Our intention to bring highly spiritual teachers to create an energy of the heart bringing expansion, transformation and growth for each participant.

Utopia brought together some amazing souls, some to share their knowledge and wisdom, some to receive this wisdom whilst growing, expanding, replenishing and transforming and others to support the vision of Utopia.

For me it has been a privilege to be at each Utopia, to experience the sessions brought forward from presenters, to feel the essence we create together and bathe in the Light we attracted.  I know for me they have been transformational, often simply by the challenges they have each brought.  I am so much more for these experiences and the people I have met, the moments shared the greatest gift of all.

Each of the three Utopias had a very unique energy which was created by the vision, passion and heart of primarily three women, Jan Hordern, Simone Matthews and myself Susan Joy Coombes.  Much support was given to our vision by two very special women, Molly Carlile and Mz Margaret Gill along with the men who walk beside us, Shaun Matthews, Garry Coombes and Steve Moller,

There are many others who gave so generously to bringing these Utopia Retreats into being.  I feel we gave ourselves truly magical moments of treasure for each Utopia we were part of.  With any great event the heart energy must be present at the highest level possible and this I know was given to Utopia.

Since expansion is part of each of our journeys, I find my Heart is now engaged in the creation of different avenues which allow people to bathe in the transformational energies of this time. I have been asked to consider doing Utopia in Victoria and perhaps there will be a time when I feel the call to this.

One of my magical memories is Utopia 2011, which was held at Lake Weyba Retreat, Peregian Beach.  The property was beautiful, gardens and lily ponds tended with love and shared with kangaroos, eagles, dragonflies and many other creatures.  The lake seemed to be just for us, with no other humans in sight.  I was so in love with this place I woke before sunrise each morning and Friday morning, went down to the jetty on the lily pond, where the crystal bowls sat overnight.

Kangaroos were grazing down towards the lake.  The crystal bowls called and I chanted quietly in the morning mist as I played the bowls.  The Daddy Kangaroo lifted his head and stood staring my way, intrigued by the sound.  We were held in each others energy, my sounds flowing.   He quietly came to stand at the edge of the pond sharing this magical sunrise, each of us holding our heart energy connection.  Such an honour to know this powerful leader of his family was touched to such a profound degree and in this he showed me the beauty of the Utopian energy we were creating.

The weekend continued to reveal much magic woven by the presenters, participants and the creatures who made this land home.  I invite your stories to post on this page or if you wish, just to be told quietly, I will honour that.

Here are highlights of our 2011 Utopia Retreat


Photos of 2008 and 2009 Utopia’s


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