Reiki – Usui System of Natural Healing

Reiki contemplation time, on the beach at Kilcunda – Victoria

I completed my Reiki Masters in 1999 and have since treated and trained many people.  My courses are two days for Level I and II, Reiki Masters minimum one year.  I take on the Master training when I know I can walk this journey with the initiate, and have only trained four people at this time.  For me this is a pathway to be honoured, the gifts and depth profound on a personal level.

Reiki has brought Light into my life on every level, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.  When I first read of this in 1995 I knew on a deep level I had to pursue this and although there was not the awareness of this healing method that there is today, I trusted my intuition and followed up on a weekend course.   I started my journey into taking responsibility for my health and vitality which was at a low point at the time.

It has been an amazing journey so far and brought me healing and joy on many levels.  I continue to communicate with many of the people I have trained.

When Reiki is followed as a way of life it is transformative allowing you the continuing deep experience of connecting to true self.  I still cannot define it and put it into a box, for Reiki is of the Universe and a much greater presence and knowledge than I.  It continues to surprise and open me to greater knowing and expansion, whilst still being an energy which I can connect into for physical comfort and easing of pain, tension and emotional disturbance.

Whatever we are facing in life, whether overload, stress, illness or wanting to be our best for something special, Reiki assists us to be in alignment, at one with all.  Reiki connects us with our Spiritual essence or Higher Self, it is from this level we connect with our deepest knowing of what is right for us.

There are five aspects to Reiki:

  1. Attunements – which are passed on by a Reiki Master
  2. Meditation
  3. Hands on Healing
  4. The Five Reiki Precepts
  5. Symbols and their Jumon or Chant- this step comes in Level II

Their are levels to the Reiki teaching, details are accessed from the drop down menu above.