Reiki – Level II

Reiki II



A weekend of retreat and working with the Reiki energy to experience and find out how this simple way of working can support in so many ways.  As you learn you experience and reset yourself so that you emerge from this weekend lighter and freer and have the knowledge of how to work with this energy to support yourself.

Reiki II takes you deeper into working with this beautiful energy. When we work with a clear clean heart we can support ourselves and others in very powerful ways.  Reiki II powers up the experience of the energy, gives you the key for emotional and mental balance and tools for connecting for the past and future so that you can take the sting out of past events and put positive energy and thought out into future events.  Working with Reiki in these ways helps you to stay centred and balanced, to be see from higher perspectives and detached from worries and stress.

There are so many ways you can work with this energy to enrich your life and assist those you care about to live well.  In Reiki level II we work with the chant or mantra  of the three symbols and I have found this to be such a supportive and powerful practice, beautiful to do outside in nature, the power of sound to awaken my whole physical energy and bring emotional balance and mental clarity is profound.

We will be covering:-

  • 3 Reiki Symbols and their uses
  • Distance Healing
  • Mantras and their chant – for each of the symbols
  • Practicing with these Symbols on each other & distance.
  • Sending Reiki to an ascended Spiritual Being
  • Working with Distance Healing to past trauma
  • Working with Reiki for important future events

You will receive three attunements bringing you into harmony with these symbols

  • a)  Choku Rei – Focus or Power Symbol
  • b)  Sei He Ki – Mental and Emotional Symbol
  • c)  Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen – Distance Symbol

You will receive a manual and your Reiki II certificate.  Course cost is $350 and your place in the course is secured by $100 deposit.  You must have done Reiki I before you can do Reiki II

 Enquiries email 

or phone 040 9787213