Reiki Healing Treatments

Initially I allow 90 minutes for a treatment, and there are 3 components to this time, first to talk about the reasons for your visit. The hands on treatment usually takes 30-40 minutes.  I then allow time to come back to the world and speak about the Reiki experience, giving you the time to clarify the insight you have received and pass on my insights for your understanding.  This helps you ground or see where a deeper awareness will aid you in your day to day world.

It is possible to experience physical symptoms or unusual feelings once you have booked a treatment.  This I see as your whole self given permission to bring forward the areas which have been held in check, so that your awareness is drawn to these aspects and you are moving toward clarity before your treatment.  Making the most of your investment of time, energy and money in yourself.

You may experience physical detoxing or clearing of emotions after a treatment.  This is a healthy expression of this healing treatment and can be welcomed as such.  This is usually a quick process as you have removed blocks to doing this in your treatment.  Sometimes there has been so much held back that it doesn’t all come to light in the treatment and needs a few days for the process to be gentle and also to allow your inward reflection.

If you have any concerns please call me on my mobile and leave a message with some details.  I will get back to you within 24 hours unless I am out of mobile range, which is rare.

Cost for these treatments:

Energy Snapshot      30 mins      $60

Body Balance              60 mins      $100

Soul Nurture                 90 mins      $145

Life Pathways              2hours         $190    Allows for deeper look at life challenges and clearing of limitations.

It is possible to work in finding and clearing limitations in the Body Balance and Soul Nurture sessions, though if you are new to this work you may find you take time to release ego limitations.  If in doubt about which session to book, call or text me on 040 9787 219