Sacred Sound

Sound vibrates through us affecting each cell of our being and when harmonious to us, can have profound affects on our physical, emotional, mental or spiritual bodies.  It has the power to change our brain waves and move us to a different state of being.

Over many years I have opened to allowing a voice sounding come through me.  Many people call this light language, since it doesn’t have our normal form and structure and in my experience is channelled. I don’t know what is going to come out of my mouth though I’ve learnt to allow and let it be heard.  Initially it was strange and because I couldn’t logically understand it, I didn’t like others to hear it.

Now things are different and I realise that the sound changes depending where I am.  I have opened fully to feel the land connection, pick up the ancient land memories,  open up to the higher realms to allow this sound freedom.  I know this is Sacred Sound, something much bigger than me.

How Sacred Sound Began for me

This sound work began with my voice raising up through me, as I did the housework many years ago.  The sound was deep strong and powerful and I had never heard my voice make those sounds before.  I let it flow and it was the most enjoyable housework session I can remember.  Such a surprise to hear those sounds and know I liked what I heard.
The journey has continued, the raw sound now rounded and much learnt about the way voice can be extended.  I love the experience of coming into full flow with this sound.  My husband has a very beautiful deep voice and has joined me in several events.  It is such a treasure when we work together, the dance of the feminine and masculine a joy to be part of.

Voice Training and Sacred Sound Course.

I offer a monthly webinar based course starting Thursday 6 July and running for four monthly sessions so July, August, September & October.  Webinars will run for 2 hours and start at 7pm Australian time.  Course cost is  $200.

In these 2 hour sessions we will begin with instruction and I will give you exercises to warm up your voice.  We will then go into meditation to pick up the energy of Earth and take our consciousness out to different celestial points to see how the sounds change.  We will practice group work.

We will work with chakra balancing sounding and this will be part of warm up exercises.

You may have your own instrument you want to work with to harmonise sound.  I work with crystal and Tibetan bowls.  I will encourage you to bring your instruments into group sessions.

Working with sacred sound changes your vibrations and these sessions will work as an energetic enlivening and rebalancing as well as learning how to work with sound on a daily basis to bring this strength and wellness into your life as a profound rebalancing and awakening skill

Home practice sounding work will be given to expand your voice.  Contact me by email  to book.

Lions Gate Opening and Eclipse  8-8-17

Although recorded in 2017 this is a beautiful meditation to open you up to higher dimensions and your centred place.  You are welcome to experience this.

I invite you to contact me if you want to create an event weaving in Sacred Sound.

Suzi  0409787213