Reiki, Energy work, Transformative
Hypnotherapy, Holistic Naturopathy

I invite you to journey with me transforming heaviness to light, finding solutions to your problems and awakening your soul essence to the divinity of life.

Drawing upon the modalities of Reiki, sound, and crystals, transformative hypnotherapy, and holistic naturopathy, I am committed to leading you towards rediscovering the best possible version of yourself.


How we can work together

Reiki, Crystals & Sound Healing

Reset with Reiki, Crystals & Sound

In a single 60 minute session we can work on clearing physical and emotional pain or we can simply set up a nurturing self-care session.


Health through

With proven Naturopathic tools and easy to follow programs we will work to bring you back to healthiest version of yourself, inside and out.

RTT Hypnotherapy

New beginnings with Rapid Transformation Therapy

Through Hypnosis unveil the root cause of recurring problems. We focus on breaking through to create a new pathway forward.


Meet Suzi Joy Coombes

Hi, I'm Suzi Joy Coombes

For many years I have been able to enrich the lives of others, offering nurturing energy and sound sessions that awaken the senses and rejuvenate the spirit

I am passionate about this beautiful work of helping people find their courage and strength, guiding them through challenges and helping them uncover hidden barriers to lasting change. Through Spirit and Soul connection, I provide insights and growth opportunities. I also support balanced health and vitality with my herbal medicines, nutrition and naturopathy enabling people to make heartfelt life choices.

Reiki has been a profound light in my life, then crystals wound their way into the work, sound in my voice opened up and so a deeper exploration of the unseen world of spirit and energy. A love affair that has inspired me to study with many teachers and weave this magic into my health based naturopathic world, developing an intuitive wisdom sense along the way. Rich and varied, research and spiritual woven together. A rich life with many treasures to enjoy.

I thrive on collaborating with like-minded healers to create transformative holistic retreats. Together, we nurture mind, body, and spirit, fostering profound renewal and growth. This is my work and I invite you to journey with me.


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