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Reset with Reiki, Crystals & Sound

I weave the ancient wisdoms I have studied and the inner knowing I have developed over 25 years in teaching and practicing Reiki and Crystal connections, I create a unique healing session tailored just for you. These sessions guiding you towards clarity and gently releasing anything that no longer aligns with your well-being.

In a Reiki healing session I bring in a symphony of modalities. I weave in crystals, accompanied by the resonant tones of Crystal and Tibetan bowls, and the soothing sounds of my voice, channel energy to lead you into a state where you can explore your inner world and awaken your spiritual senses. This experience elevates both your energy and vibrational levels.

I use beautiful essential oils and clearing sprays which have a profound effect on the energy and sensual nature of your being.  I work with touch on energy points, opening and clearing meridians within your body, facilitating the unobstructed flow of your chi energy. 

If you are needing guidance or direction, a card reading can be integrated into the session, offering insights into the energies surrounding your situation.

To conclude your session, I finish with a reflexology foot massage working with grounding and clearing essential oils. This grounding ritual allows your chi to anchor and a grounding of your whole being.

Post Session

Many clients express a heightened connection with their spiritual side, experiencing a lightness of being and deep peace. The release of stress and tension opens the gateway to insights and higher wisdoms, while the rebalancing of chakras and opening of higher energy gateways encourages the unrestricted flow of the body's sacred energy.

How the session works – we begin with a conversation to bring clarity to your needs for the session.  You then lie on my massage bed fully clothed, I check on your comfort and intuitively lay crystals on your body.  I may burn a sage stick and use aura clearing spray.  I then work with crystal bowl and my voice to take you into a relaxed state and begin the energy connection through touch and aura cleansing.  Concluding with sound and a reflexology foot massage.  

If you are receiving a distance treatment, I suggest you find a quiet space to lie down and put some meditation music on, though I can do these sessions via Zoom where you can see and hear my sound and music. I will do a card reading which I will photograph and send you an emailed report of the session. Session costs 75 min in person session  $120

How often should I come for energy sessions?

Many of my clients book monthly – 6 weeks and find this helps them stay in a good place and continues their ability to manage life challenges and keep well.  If a big challenge comes up they can bring that appointment forward.


What are the benefits of Reiki?

There are many ways Reiki can support us, some of the benefits of Reiki 

  • Clear emotional upset
  • Clear physical pain
  • Relax, settle, nurture & nourish
  • Work through grieving and move the pain
  • Work through fears and reset into feeling safe and able to face challenges
  • Open to spiritual nature
  • Explore soul and spirit guide connection
  • Experience a state of bliss and joy

Session costs 75 min in person session | $120
60 min distance session | $90

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