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In our sound bath session together, you are enveloped in a cocoon of harmonious vibrations. The gentle resonance of the bowls interacts with your body's energy centers, promoting balance and alignment. As the soothing sounds wash over you, tension melts away, and your mind quiets, creating space for inner reflection and introspection.

I work with crystal and Tibetan bowls, coupled with the resonant tones of my voice and create a gentle bathing of harmonious sound inviting you to go into the essence of your inner world.  As you immerse yourself in this session, the intention is for you to leave behind any heaviness and stresses, allowing you to emerge renewed and your whole energy reset.

Research in sound healing validates the ability of sound baths to facilitate relaxation, stress reduction and emotional release.  The vibrations produced by the bowls and my vocal tones have been shown to entrain brainwaves, inducing a state of deep relaxation similar to meditation.  This meditative state allows you to access deeper layers of consciousness, where healing and transformation can occur on a profound level.

Private sound baths can be arranged by contacting me.

Winter Solstice
Crib Point Friday 21 June 2024 10.00-11.15am

In the serene space of my home in Crib Point, where the gentle whispers of nature intertwine with the harmonious sounds of our sound baths, my husband joins me. With his deep, resonant voice akin to the Gyutu Monks, he adds another layer of depth and richness to our sessions. Together, we create a beautiful balance of masculine and feminine energies, weaving a tapestry of sound that resonates with the very essence of harmony and unity.

Session Cost | $30

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