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Reiki is an ancient healing method which has 5 elements, attunements, meditation, hands on healing, Reiki precepts, Reiki symbols and mantras.  For over 25 years these along with crystals and sound are the basis of my energy work and support me in my work and life.  I have taught many people how to bring Reiki into their lives and work with it to bring deeper inner knowing. I teach Level I and II in Reiki

Reiki I

There is a magical discovery as you open yourself to the Reiki energy, for me it was literally like turning the light on in my life.  We are all able to work with energy but often need to know how to use this beautiful flow of energy from higher realms.  When we do connect and bring this beautiful Rei of light into our life, connecting it into our ki or chi there is an awakening to a different way of experiencing life.

This course runs over 2 days.  The first a full day and then a week later a half day.  On the first day you will receive two attunements and will work with the Five Reiki Precepts and practice giving  a treatment.  We will also discover how to work with Reiki energy in your everyday world.  I ask you to give yourself a treatment every day for 21 days and in that week between your course work with the Reiki Precepts.  I find there is a discovery and transformation which happens over that time and the gap helps you to understand and experience the Reiki way.  You may have many questions when we meet again.

 In the course we cover:

  • History of Reiki
  • The Five Reiki Precepts
  • Work with the traditional hand positions for Reiki treatments
  • Give and receive Reiki
  • Experience self-treatment with Reiki
  • Importance of centering/grounding before giving Reiki and how to develop this.
  • Clearing after treating with Reiki
  • Uses of Reiki including working with animals and plants
  • If time permits – an introduction to using crystals with Reiki 
  • Reiki Symbols (these are not the 4 main Reiki symbols – 3 of which come into Reiki II – they are additional symbols which have come through from Denise Da Tanya a Tibetan nun who is part of my Reiki lineage.

You will be given a manual and a Reiki I Certificate.  

Course cost is $380 

Next Course Dates
1st day  | 5 June  2024 - 9.30 - 4pm
2nd day | 12 June 2024 - 9.30 - 1pm


Reiki II

In this course run over two consecutive days you go deeper into the uses and experience of Reiki.  There are 3 attunements the first bringing in the Choku Rei, grounding or focus symbol, the second The Sei He Ki for mental/emotional balance and Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen the distance healing symbol which transcends time and space.  We will then put these all together to deepen your skill in directing the Reiki energy.  

We will work with the Jumon which is the sounding of the symbols, a very powerful practice which helps you center, ground and connect with the energy of the higher spiritual realms and work with these symbols to help yourself and others.  

I will work with you so you know how to work with these symbols for yourself and in healing sessions.  It is after this second level and when you feel confident you can apply for insurance.  Reiki can be woven into other therapeutic modalities, enhancing your own intuition and enriching your client’s experience.

Course cost is $420 
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