About Susan Joy

As far back as I can remember I had an interest in nature, the creatures which are a beautiful harmony with this world, and people.  As a child I wanted to be a nurse, later changing to a medical Doctor or alternatively a vet.  The lure of travel was stronger and I ventured out into the wider world to see more of this planet we live with.

In my 20’s I did a 10 day Vipassna Retreat in Sri Lanka, inspired by a brief meeting with a man who had just completed this I didn’t know what I was going for, but the light I saw in his eyes lit his soul and I wanted that myself. A new world opened and I was in touch with everything, my intuition awake and I was able to travel alone in crowded and previously uncomfortable conditions in total trust that I was able to read all situations with clarity. My connection to the land, sea, sky, all creatures and people was a state of being I had not remembered experiencing before and yet I do have vague memories of that state as a child running free on the bush clad hills of Lower Hutt in New Zealand where I lived.

This was living life the way I’d always known was possible somewhere deep within me. Over time life came along and I didn’t hold the discipline of meditating regularly. I married my beautiful travel partner, had children, mortgage and found the joy of living lost in struggle I had created for myself. The lack of Joy (my namesake) and Chronic Fatigue meant that when I read of Reiki it touched a chord within me, though I couldn’t work out what it was, since it was such a new concept to me in 1995. As the light in that man’s eyes had inspired, the word Reiki drew me onto a path of slowly becoming aware of all the unresolved aspects I had carried around for so long.

This new light in my life opened possibilities and connected me with my childhood passion to first be a nurse, then to become a Doctor. That no longer appealed but naturopathy did and I started studying and finished in 1999. I started seeing clients for naturopathy and energy work. I discovered a passion to teach people tools to assist them enjoy their lives.
I have had so many wonderful teachers and brought some of these teachers together in the Utopia Retreats I co-created on the Sunshine Coast with a vision of expansion for each person attending. Little did I know these were great teacher for my own limitations and were the catalysts for many people opening to more mystery and magic in their lives.

The deep need to work in the healing field never left me and after working in several fields including advertising and radio, becoming a mother of two children, I came upon Reiki which opened up the longing to work in the healing field again.  I worked my way through Naturopathy studies with an interest in herbs and flower essences and qualified in 1999, moving to full time commitment to working in this field in 2000.  I began my Reiki teaching journey that year too.

My passion for delving deeper into the field of health and healing has continued and I have worked with many people through the years which followed, each person a wonderful teacher.  This journey has also brought me to good health and an understanding of keeping myself strong and light. I have developed an intuitive sense and use this in all my work.

Along the way I saw the need for inspiration in the developing field of complimentary therapies and energy healing work.  We have some amazing leaders in these fields here in Australia and overseas.  No-one seemed to be bringing these people together, so I worked with others to create Utopia Retreats, which have given so much to each of the people involved.

I opened to the world of crystals, which had drawn my attention as a child,  seeing their beauty and their application in healing work giving much deeper sessions with people.  I continued my study in this area doing the teacher training course in Crystal Light Healing with Simone Matthews and started teaching this work in Melbourne in 2009.  This weaves in Sacred Geometry, which for me is expanding my understanding of the Universe and all around me.

Another aspect which has opened up is chant and voice sounding, which initially came out of Reiki work.  I now weave this into meditation, ceremony and one-on- one sessions.  My husband Garry has a deep and powerful voice which melts all who hear him and occasionally he joins me in the work I do, a treasure for all who have the opportunity to experience it.

I love to see people grow and expand, finding their passion and joy.  This web-site gives you details on the sessions and work I offer.  I hope there is something to inspire you along the way.

Crystal Connection

crystalI have been described as ‘The Holder of Stones’ by an intuitive priest. On reflection, this I know is a truth within my being. The stones and crystals enliven and enrich me on all levels, as they accompany me on this life journey, continuing to reveal their mystery and magic.

I find great enjoyment in assisting others to attune to the crystalline magic of the Earth, allowing the knowledge and wisdom to come forward to be known and honored. We are as human beings, crystalline in our physical make-up from our blood cells, bone matrix to the water and minerals needed for our physical living. Not only are the seen and known cells within our bodies crystalline in nature, but our energy bodies are also crystalline and when activated emit a beautiful glow.

Many crystals are being brought to the Earth’s surface and finding their way into healing environments. They have the ability to affect our vibratory rate and assist us to better health. Each of our organs has a different vibration, as does our emotional body, our mental body and our spiritual body. Each type of crystal has a different vibration and can assist us to come into optimum balance if we allow this connection.

I am fascinated by the stories and my own experience of this beautiful crystalline world. I have seen crystals change as they meet someone they attune with, quite magical and logically difficult to believe, but just takes your breath away. I believe this world of crystal beings, watches to see our wisdom emerge and once this is seen, they allow us to know more of them. I wonder what they will have in store for us as our conscious evolves.

I started to weave crystals into my Reiki treatments in the mid 90’s and found I was able to do deeper work with people when I intuitively selected crystals, laying them on their body. I didn’t want to appear too ‘out there’, since I started out as a conservative naturopath, so only used the crystals with those I felt would be open to this. As I saw the way they worked, I decided my clients would have to accept me as I was with my developing understanding of these wonderful assistants.

I did a few short courses and read many books, and the passion I had I shared with a beautiful soul sister, so we grew in our knowledge. I started teaching one day crystal courses, to pass the knowledge onto others. I had a knowing that there was another level of communicating with the crystals which I wasn’t getting to. After some questing I found Simone’s Matthews, Crystal Light Healing brochure and knew I had found that key I had been searching for. I did her courses in 2007 and the teacher training in 2008. I teach Crystal Light Healing I,II and III in Melbourne.