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How did I get to this beautiful work

I had an idyllic childhood in New Zealand roaming the hills with my childhood friend, so very free and connected with the land and plant realm, imaginary or were they real etheric friends played with us too.  Then tragedy at 7 years old when my father died suddenly and I as the oldest took on the responsibility of holding us all together emotionally, a portent of the soul work to come.

At 19 I ran away from that responsibility to see the world, starting in South Africa and over time exploring different African countries, travelling overland and feeling into those beautiful animals, peoples and land that had talked to me as a child.  I was travelling with the man who I later married and we are still together, an amazing journey.  We travelled through Asia and it was in Sri Lanka I did a 10 day Vipassna meditation retreat which was very spartan and life changing.

I know this was the core of my discovering my deep soul connection and self-enquiry which I embraced and thought I would hold as my way of life.  I went back to the world and did all the things I had decided not to do.  Married, mortgage and children, debt and the stress of pushing to make all work, be superwoman that striving led to Chronic Fatigue and depression.

I was in trouble with two young children and no joy to give them. I came across Reiki and something in my heart told me I needed to explore this, though I didn’t understand what Reiki was, this was 1995 and Reiki was an unknown then.  Reiki turned the light back on for me and opened the door for possibilities, one of these studying naturopathy so I could understand how to support myself back to wellness.

I had a beautiful soul sister who studied Reiki too and together we discovered crystals and explored their energies and uses.  I am in love with the work and the ways in which I see it helping people find their light and health.  The world I found myself in back then was dark and I couldn’t lift anyone.  My soul work is to help others who fall into that hole.

My life is rich and becoming richer as I grow into further wisdoms.  I love connection with the land, beach, cold water dips, bike riding and our gorgeous red Vespa, smelling the scents of the trees and bushes as the seasons change.  Sound has come and given me a beautiful way to ground and clear and I have the most beautiful family and friends.  I love people and the life I live and if you resonate with me would love to work with you.

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