Rapid Transformational Technique® with Hypnotherapy

RTT Hypnotherapy, Crib Point & Online

Hypnotherapy and RTT with Suzi Coombes is a modality which in long form means Rapid Transformation Technique. Working with hypnotherapy and RTT tools, we trace through to the the cause of an issue and the beliefs which create the unpleasant thoughts, uncomfortable feelings, negative actions and events matching that belief. 

With understanding we look at that belief, and see how it has created the issue, then work with techniques to transform that belief.  I then create a recording whilst you are in hypnotic state telling the story of life now without the problem, this we discuss the ingredients of before we begin the hypnotherapy session. 

I am a Certified Hypnotherapist and RTT practitioner. My intention is to do work which makes a difference for people, improving and supporting them to live well and RTT is powerful in creating lasting change for people who have made a decision to clear limiting life situations, the key to change. The treasure in these sessions is deep understanding of why it has been part of your life and most important freedom from the issue. 

Allow 2 hours for a life changing session with me which you can do in person or via Zoom. 

Sessions are 2 hours for adults | $200. 
Children shorter sessions

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