Heal with Naturopathy

I have developed naturopathy sessions, integrating energy work with pulse testing and kinesiology.  I use these skills to tap into and read my client’s energy field, identifying disruptions caused by dietary choices, environmental factors, and emotional patterns. By guiding a person to understand their body's unique needs, I am able to help them manage health challenges with confidence and reclaim vitality.  

This may be a journey which I can walk with you.  The gift worth the walk, of feeling good, waking well and with energy and sparkle to enjoy new adventures and create new pathways.

I use a testing sheet which is numbered 1-10 for each food, emotion, environmental factor and the remedies, herbs, minerals, detox elements which are strongest to bring back health.  

I discuss the options and we can work them in with costings to see they fit into your comfort zone.  I then write up a plan and explain that clearly.  It is wise to do follow up session or sessions to make sure all working and adjustments can be made as health improves.

Many of my clients choose to add a 30min energy balance onto their naturopathy consult.  I have found by using Reiki, sound and crystals we are able to stimulate a healing response which opens up the meridians and energy flow and assists with physical rebalancing.

Naturopathy has been the key which helped me manage chronic fatigue and support my family and healthy vibrant aging, help with injuries and inflammation.  I’ve worked with it for animals too.  I love my herbs and understanding the role of nutrition and minerals in our health supports through all stages of life.  I continue to learn and keep in touch with ongoing research in our field and work at The Natural Health and Wellness Clinic where we have a full dispensary and 5 naturopaths practising there, sharing our knowledge. 


Naturopathy Initial Consult - 90 mins | $160
Naturopathy Initial consult with energy Balance - 120 mins | $200

Follow up with energy balance - 60mins | $100
Follow up Session - 30 mins | $60

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